Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Improving EMS Response Times

EMS / 811 Shared Response
Through EMS/811 Shared Response, EMS calls that are assessed by EMS as low-acuity – or, not experiencing a medical emergency that requires an ambulance – are now being transferred to Health Link 811 for further assessment, guidance and connection to care, through a Registered Nurse (RN). (more…)

Reducing EMS Response Times – AHS Taking Action
We are working to improve EMS response times response times and ensure Albertans needing emergency care, get that care. (more…)

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) brings care to people and people to care.

Every year, more than 5,600 EMS professionals support nearly a half a million emergency and transfer calls, both on the ground and in the air.

From the emergency communications officers (ECOs) who answer the phone when you call for an ambulance, to the front line paramedics who respond to help, AHS EMS works together to make sure Albertans get the right care, in the place, at the right time.

EMS Performance

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is constantly working to improve the high quality care Albertans receive every day. Many different factors go into measuring the level of care and satisfaction provided by EMS.

AHS is publicly posting six EMS-specific performance measures in the form of a performance dashboard.

These measures reflect key areas within EMS that are important measurements of patient safety and care.

The measures will be used to guide work around improving the quality, safety and timeliness of ambulance service across the province.

The data will be updated quarterly and reviewed annually to ensure it continues to be realistic and challenging.

Latest News

Ask a Paramedic

Ask a Paramedic is an opportunity for Albertans to learn more about AHS EMS and the care it provides.

Your EMS

Your EMS is a behind the scenes look at the men and women who provide this care, as well as the equipment, tools and programs used to help ensure you get the right care, in the right place at the right time.

Thank a Paramedic

It all happened so fast. You called. They came. They helped. And they were gone. And you didn’t get a chance to say thanks. Now’s the time to pay tribute to over 4,000 life-saving paramedics across Alberta. Show your appreciation by sending a thank you note right here, right now.

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